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It is not uncommon for a team to have a bad leader or manager in place. This then creates unclear or poorly defined team roles, a poor communication processes, and a blurry and unfocused sense of purpose.

Creating a culture that will attract and retain high performing teams requires an environment free of judgment with an open communication culture. No one wants a team full of “yes men”.  Team members need to feel encouraged to challenge one another.  They must be able to exert their influence, hold one another accountable, and openly share their ideas.

Creating this type of employee engagement, and developing this sort of company culture requires leadership that is deeply committed to the success of the team and accomplishing the objectives in front of them.

Understanding how each employee will go about accomplishing specific objectives, tasks, or projects requires a deep understanding into how that person is motivated, their behaviors, communication style, and the leadership style of that employee. Appreciating and understanding a person’s strengths and behavior tendencies leads to the acceptance and appreciation of behavioral diversity among your team.

Teams that have a diverse makeup of different people with different strengths accomplish great things. There is a peace of mind in knowing you and your teammates have each other’s backs and are driving towards the same objective regardless of the way each person goes about accomplishing their tasks.

The PDP Pre Scan provides data with a statistically proven 96% accuracy rate in the form of behavioral patterns that give team members a greater depth of understanding and appreciation for communication and leadership styles between each other. Deeper understanding of how a person is motivated, and what demotivates that person, can help a team better harness their strengths to accomplish great things instead of wasting time dealing with an ineffective team that struggles to communicate.